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Add comments to your drawings and allow guests to comment on shared drawings

Yearly billing

Support subscriptions to be billed by year


All your and your team's recent work in one place

UX/UI improvements

Improved workflows and reduced friction across the app

Sorting collections

Re-ordering collections

Sorting scenes

Re-ordering scenes

In Progress


Track your drawings in time and revert if needed

Arrows & lines rework

For an improved experience working with arrow and line shapes (eg. easily attach text to arrows)

Read-only link

Simplified sharing with no scene collaboration, enables better third-party integrations

Editor redesign

To get with the times


Continuous improvements

To versioning, comments, billing and emails

Presenter mode & improved collaboration

Forget boring slideshows and share your ideas with our dedicated presenter mode and improved collaboration tools

Nesting with folders

Better organization for your drawings

Activity feed

View your and your team's recent activity


Support for creating fillable templates you can share with your team

Shared library

Library shared across your team workspace, and personal library shared across devices

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