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  • idea_bulb
    • open-source


    Simply designed to create perfect results fast. Elementary tools, advanced features and unlimited options with an infinite canvas.

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    • ✏️ Easy to use

      Zero learning curve

    • 📖 Libraries

      Ready-to-use sketches

    • ✨ Generative AI

      It's dead simple

  • Real-time collaboration
    • easy to use


    Send link, get feedback and finish the idea together.

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    • 🔗Shareable link

      Collaborate in real-time.

    • 🔐 Read-only link

      Share just content, not the scene access.

  • straight_drawing_no_sign_up
    • real-time collaboration

    Common usecases

    Meetings, Brainstorming, Diagrams, Interviews, Quick wireframing and more ...

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  • easy_to_use
    • no sign-up

    The easiest way to get your thoughts on screen

    Quick drawings and mockups with a unique aesthetic. It's dead simple. We help you with intuitive shortcuts & command palette.

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    • Adam Rackis

      Adam Rackis


      LOVE Excalidraw. Diagramming made simple. With an AI integration that’s actually useful!

    • Gausden



      Loving @excalidraw. The messy aesthetic has me focusing on what I'm trying to say and not on how it looks.

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    Online whiteboard

    Something on your mind? Simply start drawing!

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